Nascar the Game 2011 Review: Introduction

Nascar the Game 2011 was released on March 29th 2011. It was the first Nascar game to be released since EA Sports relinquished the Nascar license. The game features the 22 tracks that the Nascar Sprint Cup Series competes on including Kentucky Speedway. The game includes 43 drivers although not all of them are true Sprint Cup Series drivers. Jennifer Jo Cobb, Danica Patrick, and Ryan Truex are featured but are drivers that have not competed in real-life.

Nascar the Game 2011 Review: Graphics & Interface

The developers at Eutechnyx really put together an eye-pleasing game from the graphics stand point. The cars are modeled nicely and the paint schemes are spot on. The tracks look beautiful and are presented nicely during the pre-race show. When you are up to speed it really feels like you are going 140+mph unlike some other racing games. Wrecks and damage to the cars are modeled OKAY at best. The physics of the cars when they touch aren’t the most realistic but I realize it is a video game and you can only do so much. There is no rear-view mirror on your screen but you do have a little radar to show where you are in relation to other cars…but it does take some getting used to.

The menu interface is something I don’t really care for. They use a card graphic to display tracks and drivers. It is really time consuming to scroll through these “cards” to make your selections.

The celebration presentations are more corny than anything. The chance to do donuts gets old after awhile and watching the victory lane celebration does too. I have also seen another driver other than Carl Edwards do a back flip after winning which is kind of silly.

Nascar the Game 2011 Review: Car Handling & Physics

The first race I did was with no assists and the AI on very hard at Charlotte. The car handled like I expected it to where I had to slow down for the turns and try to hold a consistent/smooth line through the turns. Of course Nascar the Game 2011 is not a simulation but the physics are a lot better than what EA has ever had. They really put a lot of emphasis on drafting which is a little much. The superspeedways are fun and pretty realistic but at other tracks it’s a little over done.

I was impressed with the AI settings. Drivers run where they would most likely run in real life. Dale Jr runs about mid-pack, Kyle Busch is really aggressive, and Kevin Harvick is consistent every race. The only real problem I see is that all the drivers drive in one huge pack normally. It never spreads out.

The setup garage is awesome. I love tuning and testing setups and all the setup features they provide really lets you do so. The setup garage is so in-depth that I compare it to iRacing and everything it has.

Nascar the Game 2011 Review: Online

When Nascar the Game 2011 first came out, Online was kind of a problem. Online was very glitchy and buggy. I would join races and wild things would happen before we would even go green. Most of the time pile ups would happen and I would be forced to quit the session. I started running some private races and it was a bit better, a little laggy but a lot better than what I was experiencing in open races.

Now, I feel things have settled down a bit. I’m having a lot more fun and am finding myself running a lot of clean races rather than wreck fests.

Nascar the Game 2011 Review: Conclusion

Overall, Nascar the Game 2011 is a decent representative of Nascar racing. I enjoy racing online and sometimes racing against the AI. The game is more fun than anything and I think it’s perfect for the console. It does have a lot of problems that still need to be addressed but Eutechnyx has already stated they are working to fix these problems and will update. I would honestly recommend this game to anyone that would enjoy a racing game!


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